What We Believe

While Adventists do not have a creedal statement of beliefs, you can find a detailed statement of "fundamental beliefs" that represent the consensus of what the majority of Adventists believe by clicking here. Adventists believe, however, that the Bible is our ultimate source and guide, not the statement of fundamental beliefs itself, which is modified from time to time in ways that reflect the thinking of the majority of Adventists world-wide (or at least that of those that represent them) at General Conference meetings which are held every five years or so. 


But to put it another way . . . 

We are also convinced that what we believe goes much deeper than simply what we know and can explain in detail.  It's not just about what we believe, but the kind of people we become as we believe . . . people who we hope are living lives that are all about loving God and loving people.

So while we try to think carefully and accurately about our faith (because we believe this is important), even when we may not always agree about all the details of how to say it, we are still clear about the way that God invites us to live it - that is, how we act towards each other as we seek to live out what following Jesus looks like.

We would be somewhat less than honest if we did not admit that we don't always do this as well as we wish we did, either among ourselves or those we interact with. So, while we have some unique things to share that we're excited about, we're certainly not perfect, and don't have everything all figured out. But we are committed to keep growing, learning, and experiencing God's work in our lives as we seek to follow Jesus as clearly as we know how. We want to live in a way that reflects His grace, and invites others to join us on that same life journey.


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