Bulletin Date

December 30, 2017

9:15 AM                                             Praise in Song Service
9:30 AM                                            Sabbath School begins
Adult SS Facilitator                                                     Dan Griffin
10:30 AM                                                 Fellowship/Greeting
10:35 AM                                                                Singing
10:50 AM                                  Announcements/Praises/Prayer requests

            11:00 AM

ENTER IN TO WORSHIP OPENING HYMN                                      # 248
                                O How I Love Jesus

PRAYER OF PRAISE                                                    Dan Griffin

PRAYER RESPONSE                                             Cast All My Cares
    I cast all my cares upon You,  I lay all of my burdens down at your feet
    And anytime that I don’t know what to do, I will cast all my cares upon You.

LAMB’S OFFERING Building Fund 2 & 4 Sabbaths for the future of their Church  CHILDREN

WORSHIP IN GIVING       (Loose Offering)                                John Boehner
                                    Local Church Budget

DOXOLOGY                                                                      # 694
            “Praise God, From Whom All Blessings”

SPECIAL MUSIC                                             John Boehner

SCRIPTURE READING                                                   Dan Griffin
                                  2 Corinthians 5:17

SERMON          DVD                                               Enoch Brownell
                                       “A New Year”

BENEDICTION                                                 Dan Griffin

CLOSING HYMN                                                           # 229
                         All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

POSTLUDE                                                               PIANIST


ATTENTION Each Sabbath our worship service is recorded for broadcast on the Lakes Region Public Access (LRPA) channel 25 and our web site.  Your presence
here signifies your permission to air your voice or likeness that may have been
caught on camera. Any questions may be directed to one of the elders or deacons.

Hope Sabbath School at approximately 10:00-11:00 am channel 25
Our videotaped worship service airs at approximately11 am Ch.25.
(On going) Power of Praise Twelve Step Recovery 2nd, & 4th Sabbaths 12:30 pm
Sunset 4:19 PM
It Is Written at 7:00 am on Ch. 12.
Our videoed worship service ch 25 approximately at 3:00pm
Hope Sabbath School 2:00pm channel 25.

It Is Written at 2:30 pm on channel 25
Tue. evening’s conference call support group Abide Counseling see bulletin
board for the details.
Prayer Meeting 7:00-8:00 pm at Amber’s office Vital Kneads 14 Country Club
Road Gilford.
It Is Written at10:30pm.
Sunset 4:24 PM

Next Sabbath’s Offerings is for: Local Church Budget.
Speaker: Doug Berrill  Elder: Edan Gerrans  Offering Call: Jay Stelmach
SS Facilitator: Edna Gerrans

Treasurer’s Report we have committed to sponsor students from our District
going to PTA and CCS.  PTA needs for the school year $8,500 monies paid to
date $6,951=$1,549 still needed
CCS needs $6,600  monies paid to date $1,458= $5,142 needed.

Our old copier/printer (black only) can be yours for a donation comes with a
recently bought toner cartridge & manual.

New Church Officers begin Jan 1st.

Pastor on vacation from Dec. 22 through Jan 1 In case of an emergency please call
one of the Elders.

Daily Devotionals Books sale prices go only to Jan. 31 2018 see Boucher and order form on Bulletin Board. If there are several who wish to order I can send it in and
the postage shipping charge will be split among everyone.

January 11-20 Ten Day of Prayer NNEC Morning Prayer Line 6:30am-7:15 am. Theme Steps to Personal Revival, Focus Being filled with The Holy Spirit
Personally and Corporately

Town Hall Meetings all meetings begin at 7pm :
January 17 Brunswick, ME.
January 24 Portland White Memorial, ME

Love and Respect series will be starting after the Holidays Feb 17 once a week
(Sat.) evenings for 5-6 weeks looking for volunteers for child care and also need
to know for workbooks purposes those interested in attending the series. Please
let Cassie know so that she can go ahead with planning.

Art Clinic 2018 Feb 1-3. Our theme this year is “Daniel, God Delivers.” Please
register at www.nnec.org on the Education page. Registration deadline is January 9, 2018.  Art Clinic will be hosted by Pine Tree Academy in Freeport, Maine, and is
open to students grades 5-12.  FMI, visit us at www.nnec.org or contact the
Education Department at bchase@nnec.org or 207-797-3760, ext. 213.

Northern New England Conference 38th Annual Music Clinic 2018, to be held
April 5-7. Our theme this year is “Joyful...in His Salvation", based on Psalm 35:9. Registrations can be completed at nnec.configio.com or by going to the
NNEC website under Education at www.nnec.org. Register by December 15, 2018 - save $10 (this deadline extended for this year)! Final piano registration
deadline is February 1, 2018; final registration deadline for all others is March 1st,. Music Clinic to be hosted by Pine Tree Academy in Freeport, Maine. FMI visit us at www.nnec.org or contact the Education Department at 207-797-3760, ext. 213.

May 24-27,2018 Spring Prayer Retreat Registration ends May 20th  bulletin board
has information registration form.

Camp Meeting 2018 Reservations Update: For those of you who reserved a site this past 2017 Camp Meeting, we want to remind you that reserving your site for 2018
will still be done completely online. Our new online reservation system is still in the works, but we hope to have it completed soon for you! If you would like to be sent
an email reminder when our new system comes out, please email Tonya at TTurcotte@NNEC.org or stay tuned on our website (NNEC.org). Your church
will also receive a notice for the bulletin when we have the reservation site up and
running. Thank you for your patience through this transition. We are excited for
what is to come! Should you have any questions, please contact Tonya at (207) 797-3760 ext. 216.

05 Jennifer Stokes
11 Rachel Moon
16 Shirley Fernandez
18 Damien Harlow
20 Kathy Stickney
23 Cailin Gerrans & Myrna Lempert
24 Danielle (Groesser) Kershaw

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